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The ongoing saga of the Dune trailer.
I am literally starting to pull my hair out waiting for this.

I blogged about this film back in April as the world was shutting down.
We were given our first glimpse into the look and feel of the Director, Denis Villeneuve’s take on the Frank Herbert saga.

This wet my whistle more than a little and after these images were released, fans started speculating about the first trailer and when we would get our first really good look into the movie which was set for release on Dec 18th.

With that release date, fans were expecting a full trailer by August.
We waited.
And waited.
And waited.
And waited some more.

It looked like the pandemic may have slowed things down a bit.
The film was in it’s final stages when the pandemic struck and in a recent interview, Director Denis Villeneuve stated…..

“As a director there are things that can be done remotely to deal with technology. The supervision of VFX with some equipment is easy to do from afar but, editing, for me, the big lesson from this is I thought it would be possible to edit at a distance.”
He went on to add that editing is like “playing music” with someone, and it requires two people in one space to complete the process”.
“To edit my movie [whilst] not being in the same room as my editor is very, very painful.”

So here we are now coming to the end of August and STILL no trailer.


There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Allegedly, the teaser trailer will debut ahead of select screenings of Tenet from August 31.

The 1 minute and 37 second teaser has already seen bootleg images posted on social media.

According to Trailer Track, the cinematic trailer is a only a teaser, while the full trailer will land online on September 9!!

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So that’s another 2 weeks to wait!!!

There are some claims today that the teaser is already showing ahead of Tenet in some countries which would explain the leaked images.

Someone who has already seen the teaser has stated…

“Although the 1:37 runtime whisked by in a flash, I could not have been more impressed with the look of this film and the way Villeneuve and company are capturing the world of Dune.
“I have no doubt in my mind that the official trailer that drops online on September 9 is going to melt faces and blow minds.”

I just hope that the full trailer doesn’t push back the release date because that would just be a killer!!

So! Do I take a trip to the cinema to see Tenet tonight?
Probably not. I’m working tomorrow and Ian doesn’t want to go tonight.

So the wait goes on!!

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