General diary entries


So, during lockdown I have attempted to start growing avocados.
I’ve now got three on the go.

The first one took about 7 weeks to show any signs of life but it eventually sprouted a root and a shoot.
However, it seems to be struggling a little and on closer inspection today I have decided to persevere with it.

The roots are looking great. In fact there’s no stopping them, which makes me think it’s still trying.

The problem is the shoot. It just didn’t seem to be growing like I thought it should and on closer inspection I discovered that the tip of the shoot had become very brittle, so I snapped it off.
The stem was still green inside and there are also some very promising buds still there.

So, a little more patience is required with this one I think.


The other two are doing great.
They were both started at the same time and only took about three weeks to show any signs of life.
They both now have a good root and one has already sprouted.

I have no idea if I will manage to get any of these to the potting stage or further, but it’s actually quite interesting watching them.

I’ve also potted a mango which is showing some signs of life. There’s a small shoot appearing but I don’t think it’s looking very healthy. I can’t actually get a photo of it yet as it blends into the soil so you can’t see it, but it’s definitely there.
I’ll post a picture if it shows itself a bit more.

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