General diary entries


The last couple of weeks have gone pretty well.
It’s been busy at work with the successful return of some of our elective surgeries. It’s gone well and they seem to be slowly increasing in number.

My nightmare that I wrote about in my last post did not happen.
In fact, quite the opposite with parents being more than understanding about the current covid related restrictions that have had to be put into place.

The only thing that is still a bit of a struggle is the constant wearing of masks!
I use my own mask when entering and leaving the hospital and then I have to wear a surgical mask for my entire 12.5 hour shift.
By mid afternoon I’ve had enough and I’m internally screaming to get the bloody thing off!!

The relief of finally walking out of the building at the end of the day and taking the mask off and breathing fresh cool air again is the equivalent of getting home and ripping your bra off!!

You girls will relate!!

Anyway, that’s work.
Home life continues to go well. Things are under control.
Ian continues to effectively work from home and he’s been incredibly busy.
All three girls continue to work and Dharma and Marjorie are gearing up to go back to Uni in Sept.

Cinema is now trying to get the cogs working again.
The first big movie to be released since lockdown is out today. Don’t know when I’ll get to see Tenet, but I hope it does well and attracts people back to the cinema’s.

There’s also a snippet of news about Adam Driver!!
They are starting up production again on ‘The Last Duel’, the film he was making with Matt Damon as lockdown struck. They had just finished filming in France and were about to move the final part of the production to Ireland when it had to be shut down and Adam disappeared into a black hole with his family in New York.
Production has started up again this week in Ireland with isolation accommodation for cast and crew being organised in a posh hotel. Filming is to continue in Dublin, Meath and Tipperary, and Ardmore Studios in Wicklow.

This is good news and it also means that we will, no doubt, be getting some fan photos of Adam, as he sneeks through the airport!!
I await with baited breath.

Anyway, on a much needed 2 days off and I’m going to meet a friend for a drink and some dinner at our local later.

So, life is not very exciting at the moment, but at least we have it under control and everyone is coping with the ‘new normal’.

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