General diary entries


So yesterday was a much cooler day at work but it was a very busy day.

I found out that we have been given the green light to start our planned surgeries again which will start on Monday!! First time since lockdown!
Strangely enough, I’m now actually looking forward to Monday. I love doing the surgeries so the thought of a pre-lockdown, normal day for me was quite exciting.
I had a quick discussion with my boss about some changes we are having to make because of the COVID situation and social distancing and I came home quite buzzed about it.


I had the strangest dream last night. Technically it was more like a nightmare as my brain was obviously overthinking how things were going to go on Monday.
I had visions of each patient turning up with dozens of family members who I was having to ask to leave and then they would all sneak back in again when my back was turned.
I was spending all my time re-directing people off of the ward and in the end, none of the paperwork got done and the patients weren’t ready to go to theatre when they were called and I literally woke up having palpitations!!

It’s stupid. I know Monday is going to run smoothly.
I’m in on Sunday so I can make sure all the paperwork is put together and ready to go and prepare as much as possible beforehand, so Monday should hopefully run quite smoothly.

I’m still excited…… I think!!

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