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Forget my ‘opinions’ on recent events, it looks like I even ruffled some feathers by intimating I was excited about the cinemas opening on July 10th as a Facebook status!!

Quite frankly, yes I am!!

As someone who has continued to work bloody hard throughout a demanding situation, in a hospital while the rest of the country sit at home and soak up the sun while ‘staying safe’, damn straight I’m looking forward to a bit of normality.

It’s been made doubly hard by the fact that my body has decided, that now would be a good time to go full on menopausal!!

I see my Mum and Dad regularly and can go sit in their garden and ‘catch up’.
I live with my husband and my three grown kids who, quite frankly, I could do with actually getting away from at times, so the prospect of spending a couple of hours in the cinema and getting back to one of my hobbies is very appealing.

And I will NOT apologise for it.

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