General diary entries


So, I’ve been on the HRT for almost two weeks now.
How do I feel?
In a nutshell….terrible!!

I can honestly say that the hot flushes and night sweats have just about stopped which means that my sleeping has been getting better.

BUT, and here’s the kicker…..

I have been feeling rough most of the time and I’m still so tired, all the frickin time!
I am literally crashing for an hour at lunch time, crashing for a couple of hours at tea time, I have virtually no energy to do anything.

It’s just as well I managed to get a couple of weeks of last minute annual leave from last Monday and now that I’m half way through it, I seriously need to look at what I can do to improve things before I have to go back to work a week on Monday.

According to an NHS website, too much alcohol and caffeine and not enough exercise are the top reasons for feeling tired.
So, from tomorrow, I am going to stop the alcohol intake for a while and I am going to start my walking again.

When I was losing weight for Italy 3 years ago, I was doing some serious walking as well as watching what I was eating and drinking and I felt great!
Getting out in the sun and fresh air has got to help me.
I need to stop feeling so sorry for myself and get my arse off the sofa and get some adrenaline pumping.

Hopefully after a few weeks I will start to feel some benefits.
If not, the NHS website also states that other reasons for feeling tired all the time are anaemia, underactive thyroid, anxiety and stress.
All of which, I will need to go and see my GP for, which is easier said than done at the moment.

Anything has got to be better than the way I feel at the moment!

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