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OK, I’m slowly getting back on track.
I’ve been doing a lot of cat napping over the last few days and I seem to be building up some stores of energy. I might even try and soak up some sun today to top it all off.

Where I go from here, all depends on what the Dr thinks of my weeks worth of blood pressure readings on Monday.
I don’t think they have been too bad, but then I’m not the professional.
I just want to get started on HRT and get on with my life.

Anyway, that’s not what this blog was meant to be about.

How is everyone coping with lockdown?

I see we still have idiots in the US who are demanding to get their country re-opened because ‘it’s my right to get a haircut!!’
They’re doing it while armed with guns and getting away with it!!
White men, dressed in camouflage, brandishing weapons in places of government.

Says it all really.
I can only wonder what kind of scenes we would be seeing on the news, had those same protesters been black!!
It doesn’t bare thinking about.

Apparently we have idiots in Ireland too, with a gathering due to take place this afternoon.

Anyway, back to reality.

Ian is now officially working from home again after being furloughed for the last three weeks.
He also received his letter officially telling him that he’s one of the ‘high risk categories’ and should now isolate himself as much as possible for the next 12 weeks.!!
Great!! Only 6 weeks late.
Just as well we already knew that anyway and he has been pretty much self isolating from day one.

The kids are all doing great.
Marjorie and Dharma are finishing off college and University projects.
Dharma has been told that her final project will probably be default graded and averaged against her previous results, which she is really happy about because she has got distinctions throughout!

Murron has pretty much moved into the garage!!
Not complaining. It means no arguments in the house and she can play her guitars, and sing to her hearts content, and facetime her friends with no worries.

Apart from my wobble this week, I’m not doing too bad either.
Although, I really need to think about doing a little more exercise.
I seem to have stagnated.
Hopefully the Dr will be helping me to feel a little more normal over the next few weeks and I can only help that by getting off my arse and also doing something about it.

What do I miss in Lockdown?

Apart from my Mum and Dad, who are literally just around the corner, I miss jumping into a car and nipping to the cinema occasionally.
I miss going out for a meal, followed by a cinema trip.

I have loads of time to watch movies at home, but it just isn’t the same.

With everything in the film world on hold, there is not really much in the way of news coming from Adam. I saw an amusing tweet this morning that was something like this….

The man has done exactly what I thought he would and gone to ground.
There hasn’t even been any confirmation that he made it back to the US safely from France when his film was put on hiatus back in March.

I’m assuming he did, as it would be plastered all over the news if he didn’t.
No, he is tucked away at home, looking after his wife, his son and his pupper, Moose!

With that said, there was a splash of potential news on Thursday, as Variety posted and article saying that Adam will star in an adaptation of ‘Yankee Comandante’. Although this has yet to appear on Adam’s IMDB page.

It will be based on a New Yorker article by David Grann, about two people who rose to the rank of Comandante during the Cuban Revolution.
One was Che Guevara and the other was William Alexander Morgan, a man from Ohio.

Adam is reportedly playing William Morgan.
And yes, after googling the man, he has chosen another film where his character dies!! This time by firing squad.

ADAM!! We need to see you in a happy ending, give us a break!!
Or even in more comedy. You gave us a taste with Logan Lucky and you are hysterical when you appear on SNL.

Recent movies are making me sad.
You went mad in Don Quixote.
You died in the Dead Don’t Die.
You came to terms with your lot in Marriage Story.
You died in Star Wars.
We know your character will come to a sticky end in The Last Duel.
And if Yankee Comandante is made, your character dies by firing squad.

This is not doing my lockdown mood any favours!!

Right, Midday already.
One thing I’ve noticed in lockdown is that you can waste so much time doing nothing!!

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