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I have tried to stay quite upbeat in my posts recently, and to be fair, we’ve been dealing with the lockdown situation really well as a family.

However, personally, things are a little rough at the moment.
I have been in perimenopause for the last year. Something which can last for up to 5 years. Up until recently I had only really noticed the occasional hot flush and irregular cycle, both of which I could handle.

A couple of weeks ago my anxiety levels started to spike and I started to have panic attacks going into work.
I haven’t had a panic attack for 20 years!!
I put it down to the current situation and the fact that I’m a nurse and I worked through it.

However, things have gone from bad to worse.
My hot flushes are out of control, I’m having night sweats, I have regular palpitations, I’m putting on weight, my mood is low most of the time.
I am literally not sleeping and I am so tired I can barely function.

I have reached the point where I need to see a Doctor.
This is not as simple as it sounds in the current situation either. Adding to my stress.
I had a phone consultation on Monday and they wanted a BP and asked if I had a machine or could get hold of one.
I borrowed my Mums.
That machine showed I was hypertensive.
The Dr wants me to take a week of readings before deciding on a plan of action. Either the need to treat the blood pressure first or put me straight onto HRT.
I’ve been doing readings since Monday and today I’m having my BP machine checked by a practice nurse to make sure it’s giving me acurate readings.

That is where I’m at now.
Those readings will be given to the Dr on Monday and a decision made.
I just want to feel normal again.
I just need to sleep!!


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