General diary entries


I can’t stop spending!!

Thankfully, we cleared most of our finances at the start of the lockdown so it hasn’t been too much of a struggle.

We’ve been doing jobs that have needed doing for a long time like decorating the bathroom that required all new curtains, mats, towels and a floor to ceiling rack in the shower and a new clothes basket. I even re-potted the pot bound cactus!
The kitchen has seen a new microwave and kettle.

I treated myself to all new underwear.
I haven’t done this since Italy 3 years ago! It was all looking a bit tired and grey and wires were beginning to poke through.
While doing that I couldn’t resist some new linen trousers and tops for the summer!!

When I was on Twitter the other night, one of my favourite photographers was advertising a 20% discount on all books from his website.
I took a look and discovered that one of the books I bought at Xmas has now more than quadrupled in price!! I always new these books were a good investment.
So I have now added to my collection by another two! They will be arriving shortly.

We finally gave the garage a good sort out so that Murron has the den of her dreams. To be fair, she’s been living out there since the weather got better and today, an old college tutor offered her a sofa bed that virtually matches the two seater sofa she already has. They dropped it on the driveway this morning and Murron is now pottering around and organising the garage.
Now she wants my 32 inch TV that I use as a computer monitor and after what Marjorie has just done, she may get her wish.

Marjorie treated herself to a new 32 inch curved monitor.
This is an actual monitor and the resolution is much better for use with a computer. The monitor and picture is absolutely stunning!!
So today, I have decided to treat myself to one to replace my TV screen.
I’ve been saving onto a mad money card, so I can do it without impacting our normal budget.

Our normal budget is ridiculous at the moment too!!
I am down to once a week shops so I go a little overboard on stocking up to make sure everyone has something for the week, however, with 4 people in the house who can drink, coupled with the good weather and nothing else to do, our alcohol consumption has gone through the roof, along with our budget.

Thankfully, I think I am a place where I am now happy.
I have comfy clothes.
I will have a beautiful new monitor, not that I need any more of an excuse to sit at my computer.
The house is looking tidy and sorted.
Even the back garden is nice to sit in at the moment.

The only downside to all this is the rather large pile of rubbish that needs to go to the tip when it re-opens. Thankfully, this pile is stashed quite nicely at the bottom of the garden and is not too distracting when sat in the garden soaking up the sun.

Now I just need to STOP spending!!

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