General diary entries


So, after being sent home from work on Saturday, I’ve been resting,…. kinda.
I spent Saturday and Sunday watching movies. I won’t deny that I was tempted into the garden a little bit on Sunday and tidied up the Budlea and Dharma helped me cut the grass.

Today, my swollen eye is not swollen, although the right side of my face still feels quite heavy. My earache is just that, a mild ache. It’s never got any worse than that. I haven’t felt unwell and I haven’t had a single temperature. So, unless things change, it’s back to work on Wednesday.

The boredom actually kicked in today.
I made a rainbow!!

I’ve also done washing, made dinner and I even helped Murron make a chocolate cheesecake!

The house has been organised and happy!
There’s something to be said for this lockdown. Never thought I’d see my kids cooperating and having fun together like this.
Murron and Marjorie are currently chopping firewood for the firepit tonight. Dharma is just keeping herself to herself and face timing friends.

The only issue in the house now is Ian.
He’s been fighting a tooth infection and was on antibiotics as we went into lockdown. It now looks like the infection is back with a vengeance.
He called the dentist today to try and get an emergency appointment but there’s one small problem…..

The dentist doesn’t have any PPE!!
So he currently can’t do anything except put Ian back onto antibiotics.
Just need to hope that Ian doesn’t actually get unwell now and need to go to the hospital.

And how had your day been?

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