General diary entries


Today did not go as expected.
I nipped off to work at 7am and was home again by 7:40am.

I didn’t sleep particularly well and by the time my alarm went off I had quite a good little earache on the go. Nothing major, no temperature, nothing to stop me going to work.
So I carried on with my morning. Milky coffee and a trawl through the news before heading out at 7am.


By the time I got to work, my right eyelid had started to swell and droop and my right cheek felt heavy.
I got sent home.

Great, I’ve just checked online and, because of the current Coronavirus situation, the walk in centres are all closed.
I’m not calling 111 for an earache!!

Anyway, online advice has all said that minor earaches can often self resolve within 3 days.
I’m not at work tomorrow, so, fingers crossed, this will clear up on it’s own.
I’m not feeling unwell, my earache is not even bad enough to warrant painkillers, but I take them for my knees anyway. I certainly don’t have a temperature and there is no redness around my eye.
So! A couple of days of rest, not that I can do much else at the moment, should hopefully do the trick.
I think I will avoid the painkillers today, just to see if I am actually getting temperatures without realising it.

And how has your day started?

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