General diary entries


I had to take Dharma to a fracture clinic appointment today.
It was all very efficient with the Coronavirus two meter rule being observed as much as possible throughout.
She injured her wrist two weeks ago and they suspected a scaphoid fracture which is difficult to spot on an x-ray. She was splinted and brought in for a check x-ray today to see if there had been any development of the possible fracture.
After a repeat x-ray, there was still no obvious fracture, but because she still had a considerable amount of pain, she had two choices.
1 – Have an MRI/CT scan to confirm, but that appointment might take a few weeks to come through and she would need to come back to the hospital.
2 – As she is not working or going to college for the forseable future, She has her wrist in a cast for 6 weeks and then returns for a checkup.

With the current situation, it made sense to go for the cast.

Anyway, before coming straight home, and to avoid Ian having to leave the house, we needed to pop into the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for him.
I was pleased to see the setup at the pharmacy.
There were markings every two meters down the aisle up to the till and lots of notices on the windows asking customers to respect the two meter rule and limiting numbers to 5 in the shop at any one time.
I stood in the queue outside and everyone was accommodating the two metre rule. I told Dharma I would go in alone when it was my turn.


The woman in the queue in front of me was not a happy bunny.
All she wanted was some gloves as Aldi were apparently not taking cash if you weren’t wearing gloves. She was annoyed about the amount of time she was standing in the queue when she didn’t even know if they would have any gloves when she got into the store.

What happened next was astonishingly stupid and selfish and this is where I had to bite my tongue.

A community nurse came down from one of the flats above the pharmacy and was getting into her car that was parked beside our queue and the woman in front of me ACTUALLY TRIED TO WALK UP TO THE NURSE!!
The nurse, quite rightly, put her hand up and asked the woman to keep her distance.
The woman then asked….. ready for this…….

‘Have you got any spare gloves?!!’

The nurse obviously rolled her eyes a little and said no.
The woman was not happy and basically made a remark about the absurdity of it all and how laughable it all was and the nurse said, ‘you won’t be laughing when you’re on a respirator!’ as she got into her car and shut the door.

The woman in front of me stood with her mouth open and then said, for the world to hear, well she’s got a bit of a gob on her hasn’t she?!’

At which point Dharma just about had to restrain me from mouthing off at her.

It astounds me that some people STILL DON’T GET IT!!

This is SERIOUS. It’s a KILLER.

Please don’t go outside unless you absolutely have to.
If you do go out, please RESPECT the two meter rule.

Don’t be an ARSEHOLE!!

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  1. People are selfish or thick or both. And the sad thing is it won’t be them that die, it will be someone further down the chain of infection. Probably several other someones. I would’ve struggled not to say something too!

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