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So the country is in lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
The husband is now working from home.
Dharma and Marjorie have had college and university closed and Monday saw their workplace, McDonalds, also close.
Murron’s work doing gigs and bar work stopped after last orders last Friday evening.
As a keyworker, I am now the only one in the household physically going out to work.

It has taken a few days, but I think it is finally sinking in with the kids, the severity of the current situation and they are pulling together to help out a little more. I think it’s more for their sanity than anything else!!

I am currently on the first day of five days off.
It was originally a way to use up some of the last of my annual leave before it refreshes at the beginning of April.
It has now turned into a bit of a project to get things in order so that we can tolerate this lockdown.

The first thing is the garden.
I have spent the morning clearing the patio area and trimming back a hedge and now my girls are jet washing it so that we can get the furniture out and at least have somewhere nice to sit in the fresh air.

Tomorrow, I actually have to have a trip back to the hospital to take Dharma to a fracture clinic appointment. The rest of the day will be spent digging over the flower beds and cutting the grass.
I’m not doing any planting this year, I just want a weed free garden that I don’t have to worry about.

I’m expecting a delivery from Dunelm on Friday. IF it shows up in the current situation, I will be tidying and re-decorating the bathroom.

The garage needs a good sort out so that Murron has a get away space and as I don’t have support from my Mum at the moment, the rest of my time will be spent washing and ironing.

As no-one is going out anywhere, I’ve told the family to pick two outfits that can be washed AND tumble dried. There will be a daily wash and tumble dry as they alternate their outfits. This should seriously cut down on the washing and ironing and make life a lot simpler.

Scary times.
It’s all feeling a bit surreal at the moment.
Not looking forward to going back to work on Monday.
Five days seems to be a lifetime with this virus, anything could happen between now and then.

Stay safe XX

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