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As an NHS worker, I took the opportunity today, to take Tesco up on their offer of opening up an hour before the tills open for NHS staff.

It was an experience!!

We parked the car at 9am and had to grab a trolley and go to the back of a queue that was already snaking around the car park.
With all due respect to Tesco, they had staff walking the queue stating that if we didn’t have our ID, we wouldn’t be getting in, and they were enforcing it on the door.

15 minutes later, we finally got through the door.
Because the tills weren’t open, we couldn’t get a scanner, so we just started to mooch around.
I spent last night going through cupboards and making a list of cleaning items and necessities, and I organised the list so that I could just start at one end of the shop and finish at the other to minimise going back and forth.

Tesco were announcing over the intercom that we could now only purchase a maximum of 3 of any item in store. This is good. When people realise this, the panic buying may ease off and the shelves will be able to recover.

We had finished our shopping by around 09.50, but by this time, everyone else were also finishing and the queues at the tills were growing. By the time we joined a queue, it was all the way to the back of the store! I’ve never even seen queues like that at Xmas! We were going to be stood there for hours.

This is when Marjorie had a brainstorm as she realised that now the tills were open, we could get a scanner!!
So I grabbed a scanner, found a quiet corner and scanned and packed all my shopping before taking it straight through the tills.
We were in the car by 10:15, job done.

There were still no toilet rolls or pasta and rice, or eggs, but stock is coming back. Now that the purchase limit is 3 per item, the shelves will hopefully start to look a bit healthier in a few more days.

All I can say is that there must be an awful lot of people with perishables that they are never going to be able to use before they go off.
I can see an awful lot of wasted food on the horizon.

Right, time for a cuppa before I tackle some ironing.


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