General diary entries


Right, we are almost 2 weeks into February and I have been finding every excuse under the sun to not start my diet!

You never start in the first couple of weeks of the year because there’s still too much temptation in the cupboards post Xmas.

I’ll just get this weekend out of the way.

I’ve got a few days off so I’m going to enjoy them.

I’ll start at the beginning of February.

The local LGBT pub is having a grand re-opening, I can’t go to that and not have a drink!!

Ooh, I’ve got 3 days off, I’ll make the most of it and eat and drink what I like, and then I’ll start my diet.

I could go on and on, but the fact is, I really do not have any willpower at the moment. I look at my wardrobe and it is full of some beautiful tops and trousers that I wore when I went to Italy 3 years ago.
I can’t wear any of it at the moment.
I look at photos of myself back then and I see a happy, fresh face. I had lost about 3 stone for that trip and I was feeling great. I lost all that weight in the 3 months before the trip, so I know that If I knuckle back down to it now, I can easily do it again for this summer.

The hubby is not helping at the moment.
He’s had some serious orthopaedic problems in the last couple of years and piled on a ton of weight because of it.
He’s got into a really bad habit of sitting in his bed ALL day on days off, and doing absolutely nothing.
I’m lucky if he’s actually out of bed before midday. He’ll get up, get something to eat and go back to the bedroom and sit reading or watching TV for the rest of the day.
Trouble is… he’s dragging me down with him.
He PROMISED me that he would start to exercise after his operation last year and so far, that hasn’t happened. If anything, he’s getting worse.
Apart from the occasional trip to the cinema, we don’t do anything together anymore.
He’s going to hate me for posting this but I really don’t care. I plan to be active into my retirement, even with my knee problems. I certainly will not be a wife who stays home taking care of a husband who won’t help himself.
If he was making any effort, it would be a different story, but right now, he just seems to have given up on living and I’ve had enough.
He’s had plenty of warning from me, and when he reads this, I’m hoping he’ll realise exactly how I feel, because he doesn’t listen to me any other way.

So! decision has been made.
There’s no more crap in the cupboards.
I have a bottle of wine to finish today and then, unless I go out, the drinking stops at home.
No more crisps and snacks. No more cheese and crackers and salami. These will now be occasional treats.
I will drag myself away from this computer and start my walking and exercise again.
My aim will be to get back into those lovely clothes by July.
The husband will follow suit or he’s on his own.
I’m certainly not looking after him if he becomes bedbound.

With awards season out of the way, I am also challenging myself in another way.
I challenge myself to NOT mention either Adam Driver or Domhnall Gleeson in any of my posts for the next month!!


No, not a word or photo will be posted for an entire month!
That pledge ends on 12th March.
Right in time for Peter rabbit 2!! on the 27th.

Shouldn’t be too hard.
After the extremely busy last year Adam has had, he currently has one film in post production and one in pre-production.
I’m hoping he’s taking a well earned break and just chilling with the family for a while.
Domhnall will be starting the promotional run for Peter Rabbit soon and he has filmed for a new TV series called ‘Run’, but there is no date on it’s release yet. I’m not even sure who will be airing it!

So, with a bit of a lull in in movies and TV shows on both parts, the next month ‘should’ be a doddle! We’ll see.

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