General diary entries


I won’t deny I’m a little disappointed, but I knew, deep down, going into these Oscars that the Best Leading Actor Trophy would be going to Joaquin Phoenix.

So, disappointment over….. Adam’s time will come. I have NO doubt about that.

It’s time to look at my predictions and in my last post I said…..

‘My prediction for tomorrow evening is that the ladies will continue to disappoint with their ugly choices, Billy will steal the show with something fabulous and Adam will again be in black!’

Well, I was right about Adam. He’s been recycling this suit all awards season, but that’s Adam. He still looks gorgeous though, and Joanne looked stunning!

Next, Billy Porter.

I have to admit, his red carpet look fell a little flat for me.

BUT…….. His after party look ROCKED!!!

I was pleasantly surprised by the women.
Considering some of the horror creations I’ve seen this season, there were some truly stunning dresses on show last night.
In my opinion, Regina King ruled the evening in this stunning gown.

So there you have it. The movie calendar resets and starts all over again.
Roll on next awards season!

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