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Finally, an awards show I can actually watch!!

Being in the UK really sucks when it comes to awards season.
The big American awards are never shown here in the UK and if they are, it’s usually just highlights the day after.

So here is one set of awards that belong to us Brits. The BAFTAS!!
They will air on UK TV at 21:00 tomorrow evening.

As much as I have my hopes up for Adam Driver to win the Best Actor award, I feel, deep down, that this is going to Joaquin Phoenix.

Now don’t get me wrong, Joaquin’s performance was amazing, but Adam’s was hands down better, and when you consider that out of all of the awards that have been given so far this season, Adam has had just under 58 nominations and around 35 wins, and Joaquin has had just under 50 nominations and only around 15 wins, I think the industry believes that too.

My problem with the two big ones, BAFTAS and Oscars, is that they don’t just vote on the performance that an actor has been nominated for.
They quite clearly will look at the back history and previous number of nominations, and on the back of that, because he’s had more nominations in previous years, I can pretty much put money on Joaquin winning both the BAFTA and Oscar titles.

TBH, that’s a shame, because out of the two performances, and without trying to sound biased, I believe Adam’s performance is the more worthy winner.

You want to Netflix and chill tonight?, you like a good tearjerker?, then go and watch ‘Marriage Story’.

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