General diary entries


I have just watched BlacKkKlansman again and I still rate this as one of the best films of the last decade.

I will always remember watching it for the first time at the cinema.
The film takes a serious subject that is still relevant today, and shows it in a way that makes it thought provoking, but in a humorous, not in a bad taste way. It has an amazing cast and acting that got Adam Driver his first Oscar nomination for supporting actor.


The thing I remember most about that screening was the ending.
4 minutes of some of the most powerful film I have ever watched.
It shocked the audience into complete silence.
The credits rolled and not a word was spoken as people left the cinema.
It was actually quite spooky and I can honestly say that watching that last 4 minutes of film again, still brings me to tears.

I’ll just leave this here……

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