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This is a re-hash and a bit of an update on a previous post that I wrote back in 2016. I’ve updated a lot of the links that were no longer working.

I love movie music.
It is the modern day equivalent to classical music and there are some amazing composers out there like Hans Zimmer, Abel Korseniowski, Eric Serra, Michael Giacchino, James Horner, Danny Elfman….. but in my honest opinion, the undoubted KING of movie music composing has got to be John Williams.

Words cannot express what an impact this man has had on movie music and I am going to try and put into this list, some of his most iconic pieces from across the decades.
I guarantee that some of this stuff will give you goose bumps!!

He started writing for TV and Film back in the late 50’s!
However, I will be starting with some of his work from the 70’s where he wrote the music for The Poseidon Adventure….

and Earthquake…

and Towering Inferno…..

and then he hits cinematic gold with Jaws!!
Possibly the most iconic piece of music ever written.

of course that is until Star Wars came along!
John was asked to write the opening score of the film in the same key as the Fox fanfare, and this is how the first 6 movies started. It has become so embedded in memory that you now cannot hear the Fox fanfare and not think about Star Wars!!
However, this was dropped when Disney took over for the Sequel Trilogy, but since Disney have now bought Fox, some people are fighting to get the Fox Fanfare added to the sequels. I don’t think it will happen but it would be nice.

Here is the man himself, conducting a live orchestra with The Imperial March from Star Wars. Just look at the joy on this man’s face.
Turn that volume up and enjoy!!!

It, didn’t stop there. He has composed for every single Star Wars movie since and was honoured with a cameo appearance in Rise of Skywalker.

In the same year as Star Wars he also gave us Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Then there is no stopping the man as he goes and gives us Superman…

Raiders of the Lost Ark…


Home Alone……

Jurassic Park….

Schindler’s List….

Harry Potter….

This is just a small selection of his incredible portfolio.
The man is an absolute genius and really knows how to get feeling into his work.
The Imperial March from Star wars ALWAYS gives me goose bumps, but I think if I had to name my absolute favourite John Williams piece it would have to be ‘Duel of the Fates’ from Star Wars. Absolutely STUNNING piece of music.

I could go on all day.
Anyway, next time you watch a movie, imagine what it would be like without the music.

Boring right?

You could have the greatest script, the best actors and directors but the final feel of the film is totally dependant on the score.
No pressure for the composers then!! and John Williams was born to do it. What an incredible legacy he’s built, and he’s still doing it at almost 88 years young!

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