General diary entries


Christmas is long gone.
New year came and went in a 10 second countdown.
Everything is new and fresh for another year.

The first week of the new year is always a bit of a deep breath before I think about starting everything I’ve planned for the new year, and for me, this year is all about losing the weight I’ve been promising myself I’d do after piling it all back on after Italy 2 years ago.
It’s also a year where finances will (hopefully) be taking a turn for the better around April time. Things will be a little easier and we may actually be able to think about the occasional holiday!……. if all goes to plan.
All 3 kids are working. Murron is talking about future plans and the possibility of moving out!! Hopefully a nice relaxed year for a change.

Anyway, the first few months of the year have always been quite exciting for me as a film fan. We are into the culmination of the awards season that started before Xmas, with the first of the BIG ones tonight with the Golden Globes.
February sees the BAFTAs and ends with the mother of all awards, The Academy Awards (or Oscars).

This season has been made even more exciting because my favourite actor, Adam Driver, is becoming quite highly acclaimed. The last few seasons have seen him getting noticed and getting nominations (including an Oscar nomination) and a few wins for ‘Supporting Role’, but this year has seen him progress to ‘Leading Actor’ nominations.

The film that has garnered all the attention is ‘Marriage Story’.
Oh boy, does Adam deliver an Oscar worthy performance as Charlie, opposite Scarlett Johansson’s performance as Nicole.

The film is incredibly moving and frustrating, and at times you just want to take them both and shake them both and shout at them because they so obviously still love each other, but ultimately, the breakup has gone too far and the film is a ‘realisation’ of this fact, after a difficult year and bickering.

Anyway, I knew Adam was getting a few awards already for this film and has got wrapped up in the ‘Oscar’ buzz, but it wasn’t until I went and had a look through all the awards so far that I realised just how much buzz he’s been getting.
With all the Film Critics, Film Associations and Journalist awards so far, Adam has racked up an astounding 47 nominations as best leading actor for Marriage Story.


He has won 27 of them…. so far!!… that’s insane!

Tonight sees the first of the big ones with the Golden Globes and then the BAFTA’s and the ACADEMY AWARDS are in February.
The nominations for BAFTA’s are on Tuesday 7th Jan, this week and the ACADEMY AWARDS nominations are on Jan 13th.
I have everything crossed for Adam. The way it stands at the moment I think he is highly likely to get nominations for both. Whether or not he wins is another matter, although having a leading actor Oscar nomination stamp on his CV is not going to do any harm to his career at all.

All of this red carpet action over the last few weeks has made me notice something.
You need to understand that Adam is an intensely private man.
He ‘hates’ red carpets and interviews and when he was thrust into the limelight with Star Wars, this showed… painfully… when he was seen in public. The only time he would seem to relax was when he had his wife Joanne with him, however, he still refuses to watch himself or listen to himself. He will turn up for a red carpet and then go and disappear into a green room until the film is finished.

Early photos of Adam on the red carpet see him quite tense and barely cracking a smile.

But with the photos I’ve been seeing in the last few weeks, he seems a lot more comfortable in his own skin. He’s a lot more relaxed and he’s letting his smile loose.
I know his Star Wars fame has given him and his wife some tough times because of the odd ‘crazy’ fan, so the thought that that little part of his career has come to an end, may have had something to do with it, or he has simply become more accustomed to it all and has finally started to relax into it and enjoy it. Either way, it’s nice to see him smiling a little more often!

So, I have everything crossed for the Golden Globes tonight.
No doubt I will post a little something in the morning with his result before I head out to work.

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