General diary entries


It’s looking more and more likely that 2020 could be Adam’s year.
He had his first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor earlier this year, but that looks like it could potentially be getting topped by a Best Actor Nomination in 2020.

Marriage Story is getting mountains of buzz and attention.
Adam has already won two best actor awards for his role as Charlie and today saw the announcement of the Critics Choice Nominees and the Golden Globe Nominees for 2020.

Marriage Story has picked up 7 Critics Choice Award nominations for…
Best Picture
Best Actor – Adam Driver
Best Actress – Scarlett Johannson
Best Supporting Actress – Laura Dern
Best Director – Noah Baumbach
Best Screenplay
Best Ensemble Cast

It has also picked up 6 Golden Globe nominations for…
Best Motion Picture Drama
Best Actor – Drama – Adam Driver
Best Actress – Drama – Scarlett Johannson
Best Supporting Actress in any motion Picture – Laura Dern
Best Screenplay
Best Original Score – Randy Newman

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I can get quite hyped up by awards season, especially when my favourite actor has the potential to pick up quite a few nods.
My only issue is being able to watch them live here in the UK.
They tend to be on in the early hours of the morning and on channels that I have to subscribe to, which I refuse to do for one night of awards I probably won’t be able to watch because I’m working the next day and can’t stay up until silly hours of the morning.

No, I tend to jump on news reports the next day and watch highlights.

As long as my boy does well and I get to glimpse his awkwardness on the red carpet a few times, I don’t mind.

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