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Not really a lot to spoil as the story is already on public record, but if you haven’t seen the film and want to see it with fresh eyes, then this review may not be for you. I do detail quite a lot.

You have been warned.

Excellent film and dare I say it, Adam Driver delivers a spectacular performance as Dan Jones, the man who gave up 5 years of his life and became totally invested in seeing the report made public.
Dan is also a man who, to this day, continues to fight for Human Rights.

The film itself has a really good pace.
With all the information it has to throw at the audience, it delivers it succinctly and effectively. It’s never slow.

Prior to the film, I knew of the events in the report and about water boarding.
I even heard the word torture bandied around at the time but when the methods being used were listed during the film, I was shocked.

Picture credit – AFP News Agency.

That picture doesn’t even show the mock burials and the fact that they stripped and shaved all the detainees. I won’t even say how they tried to ‘re-hydrate’ one of them!
What the hell were they thinking when they thought any of this would work, and a lot of these methods are shown during the film. They are shown in quick bursts and not dwelt on. It’s more than effective.

The Report proved that the Enhanced Interrogation Techniques were totally ineffective and that any information given was already known or a lie to stop being tortured. More than 119 detainees went through the program and one of them was waterboarded at least 180 times. A quarter of those detainees should NEVER have been detained in the first place.

In 2015, the McCain-Feinstein amendment was signed by President Obama, banning the CIA’s Enhanced Interrogation Techniques.
Apart from making the events public, this is the only good thing to have come out of the report.

The end of the movie sees Adam walking away from the Senate House and towards the Washington Memorial. A few paragraphs of ‘after the event’ information appears on the screen. The one that stayed with me was the following…..

No CIA officers have ever been charged in connection with the actions outlined in the report.
Many were promoted.
One became the director of the CIA


It is an eye opening film and I can only hope it catches the eye of some awards committees in the coming months.

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