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Here we are again. Two weeks of annual leave.
I have taken the same two weeks, every year, since going back to work in 2008. It is my Xmas preparation time. The decorations go up, all the shopping is done and the house gets a good clean. By the time I go back to work, the only Xmas shopping that will need to be done is for the fresh stuff, like vegetables and bread.

I wasn’t really feeling it last year, so my usual enthusiasm didn’t show, but this year is a little different. I’m not worrying about Uni work and because of that I’m a little more relaxed.
My parents won’t be coming round this year as they are going to my brother’s for a change, which means that it’ll be me and the hubby and the three kids. 17, 20 and 22 years old.

The excitement of Xmas past has changed.
The kids really don’t care if they have anything to open Xmas day or not.
Marjorie just wanted cash for her trip to New York in February.
Murron knows exactly what she’ll be unwrapping because I had to ask her if the tools I wanted to get her were actually what she needed!

So Xmas day will be a lazy day this year.
There will be no rush to do anything, but we will be doing it as a family and hopefully having a little fun along the way.

So, my usual manic two weeks is a little more relaxed this year.
My Xmas shopping is just about done already.
I am going to the work Xmas do tomorrow night.
My decorations will be going up on Saturday.
Sunday, I’ll be putting my Mum’s tree up and going to a pub quiz in the evening.
On Monday, I’ll be putting my Auntie Karen’s tree up.
On Tuesday, I’m going to a secret screening at the cinema (what are my chances it will be Marriage Story?)
I have a friend coming round for dinner on Thursday evening.
I’m going to Coventry with Dharma on Friday and then going to see the re-mastered Gremlins in the evening. I’m hoping Marriage Story will be release on the UK Netflix too!
In between all that I’ll just be pottering around, getting ready for Xmas and relaxing before going back to work on the 11th.

The Report is being released on the US Prime service tomorrow. I can’t see anything on the UK service about it’s release but I can but hope!

So! Back to chillin’
I haven’t started another bottle of Baileys!! Honest!!

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