General diary entries


Who in their right minds ever want to be parents!!
The constant worry. It never ends but the type of worry changes.
As young kids, you just want them to be safe and know where they are, and what they are doing.
As teens and young adults, you’ve cut the apron strings and you try not to think about what they’re up to as long as they let you know where they are and when they’re going to be home.

I’ve done my part.
I’ve taught my kids right from wrong.
I KNOW my kids all have hearts on their shoulders. They are good and kind and fun loving and incredibly frustrating at times, but they are amazing.

Well, today saw the end of an era.
My youngest. 17 years old. sent me a video message of her in her friends car. They were just out driving, having fun and singing along to her friends new car stereo and it hit me like a ton of bricks.
My kids are all now, fully independent. They don’t really need me any more.
I can’t stop them from doing what they want and hoping they take all their personal values with them.

My kids are not babies anymore.
It’s not as freeing as I thought it would be.
What I worried about when they were kids has just changed to a whole new world of worries as adults!!

For any young parents out there, BE PREPARED!!!
That worry that niggles your brain at three in the morning as you wake up worrying if they actually got home that night and remembered to lock up and switch the lights off……


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