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To be completely honest, I hate politics and I think that is probably the way most of the country feels at the moment.
I, like most of the country, are fed up with being lied to all the time.
The thing that’s pissing me off the most is that I honestly thought that I lived in a democracy.

Democracy = government by the people or their elected representatives, a political or social unit governed ultimately by ALL it’s members..

So, when this country (i.e. ALL it’s members) voted, or had the chance to vote three years ago, and the result was that this country wanted to LEAVE the EU, we did not expect our elected officials to shit all over that decision and say that they didn’t agree with it. We expected them to accept the decision of it’s members and actually proceed with the decision, and yet, here we are, three years down the line, and the arrogant prigs in parliament are STILL arguing and trying to get the decision overturned.
Some are even calling for another referendum, which to be completely honest, makes them a traitor to this country and democracy.

That’s not how democracy works!!

We are now faced with another election on December 12th, to decide who should be running this country and therefore, who should be trying to solve this issue and get the country back on track again. There’s just one small issue…….


So, I have been having a look at the top priorities of each party.
The following has been taken from the BBC news website who contacted all the parties to help identify their key policies ahead of manifesto launches.


Leader = Boris Johnson

Image result for boris johnson"

Top priorities
Deliver Brexit on the deal agreed with the EU.
£100bn investment over five years on road, rail and other infrastructure.
20,000 more police officers over the next three years in England and Wales.£2.7bn for six new hospitals and plans for 34 more.
£7.1bn a year more for schools in England by 2022-23.


Leader = Jeremy Corbyn

Image result for jeremy corbyn"

Top Priorities
£150bn for schools, hospitals and housing.
£250bn of investment to instigate a “green industrial revolution”.
£10-an-hour minimum wage for all workers.
Scrap tuition fees.
Hold another referendum on Brexit.

Liberal Democrats

Leader = Jo Swinson

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Top Priorities
Stop Brexit, which the party argues will release money to be spent on public services over the next five years.
Tackle climate change by reaching 80% renewable energy by 2030 and improving the energy efficiency of homes.
1p rise in income tax to spend on health and social care.
More investment in schools.

Change UK

Leader = Anna Soubry

Image result for anna soubry"

Top Priorities
Hold another referendum on Brexit, campaigning for remain.
Achieve carbon net zero by 2045.
Transition away from the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030 and phase out non-essential plastics by 2025.

Green Party

Leaders (plural) = Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry

Image result for jonathan bartley and sian berry"

Top Priorities
£100bn a year for a decade to tackle climate change.
Pursue a “green new deal” including a “structural transformation” of the way the economy works.
Create more than a million new jobs through green investment.
Opposed to Brexit, committed to another referendeum on membership and will campaign to remain in that vote.

Brexit Party

Leader = Nigel Farage

Image result for Nigel Farage"

Top Priorities
Negotiate a free trade agreement with the EU, similar to the deals the bloc has with Canada and Japan, with a new deadline of 1 July 2020.
Leave the EU and move to World Trade Organisation Trading rules if a free trade agreement cannot be struck.
Leave all institutions of the EU and restore the primacy of UK law.
£200bn spending programme on infrastructure, wi-fi-and services for young people.


Leader = Kirstan Herriet (party chairman)

Image result for kirstan herriot"

Top Priorities
Leave the EU immediately with no deal.
Cut immigration to low, sustainable levels.
Reverse the introduction of LGBT-inclusive sex and relationship education.
End “politically correct” policing and support freedom of speech.

I will admit now, that I voted to leave 3 years ago and before anyone starts yelling at me about being racist…. hold your fucking horses.
I love diversity in all forms.
I welcome people from all over the world wanting to come and live and work in our country and want that to continue.
What I do not like, is being dictated to by Europe.
Britain blindly following Eu rules and then seeing countries like France completely ignoring those rules and getting away with it.

The fact is, this country was never given the option of voting IN to the EU in the first place and I think, if it had, we wouldn’t be discussing leaving it now.

If I dismiss any party who wants to hold another referendum or stop brexit or are opposed to brexit, that narrows down my options already.

Conservative Party, Brexit Party and UKIP

OK, where do I start?…..

I definitely will not be voting UKIP!
Not only do they want to leave the EU immediately with NO deal, which, I think is a really bad decision, but they also want to ‘reverse the introduction of LGBT-inclusive sex and relationship education.

I mean, c’mon guys… this is the 21st century and not the dark ages. Get over yourselves. There is nothing wrong with introducing LGBT relationships to young kids and proper LGBT sex education to older kids!
Same sex relationships, marriages, intercourse and all forms of queer from trans to non-binary and everything in between IS NORMAL!
If this is not normalised through education then it is never going to be seen as normal and lots of kids and teens are going to be excluded and feel left out and have nowhere to turn because they are scared.
These kids already suffer with mental health issues and some feel that there is no other option than suicide simply because they are ‘excluded’ from life and have no-where to turn. There’s NOTHING wrong with these kids and they need to know that and they need to know that the people around them understand that too.

If there is one thing that makes me really angry, it’s homophobes, and that’s exactly what this party is full of.

I will not be voting Brexit
The reason is quite simple….. Nigel Farage

He is an absolute knob, and much like Donald Trump, I can’t even look at the guy without wanting to smash his face in.
OK he wants out of the EU but he’s not convincing me on much when it comes to investment in this country.

That leaves the Conservative party and I have to admit that I like their priorities, the only problem is their leader is an absolute bafoon and has made this country a laughing stock. Do I really want this man running the country?

Image result for boris johnson funny"

So I am back to square one.
I’ve got some thinking to do over the next few weeks.

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