General diary entries


It is a standing joke in my household that I am called a stalker.
But after what I found out today, I’m actually quite uncomfortable being called that because there are lines that even I wouldn’t cross.

I have a tendency to obsess about actors.
I will get an interest in one and then I will endeavour to watch whatever I can lay my hands on. I collect photos, watch interviews, read articles, keep up to date with whatever they may be doing. It’s my hobby.

My current favs are Adam Driver and Domnhall Gleeson, with Adam being absolutely my favourite.

I have had my obsession with Adam for the last four years and yes, I will admit, I got that obsession because of Star Wars. I’m a geek, I grew up with it. But that interest has lead me on to some incredible movies that I probably wouldn’t have seen if I hadn’t had my interest in Adam in the first place.

However, I feel really sorry for Adam.
Star Wars fame has made him ‘uncomfortably’ famous.
Adam doesn’t do well on red carpets and avoids chat shows and is an intensely private man.

Today I found something out that I find quite incredible, in the fact that he managed it for two years and also quite sad, in that he had to go to this extreme in the first place.

In an article written for ‘The New Yorker’ by Michael Shulman, that can be read HERE

In what Adam has described as ‘a military operation’ he’s managed to hide the fact that he and his wife, Joanne Tucker, welcomed a baby boy into their lives TWO YEARS ago!!

My heart leaps at the thought of Adam as a Daddy!

But I also found out about crazy fans who shout ‘Kylo’ during his live stage performances and that his charity ‘Arts in the Armed Forces’ has had to limit who can attend performances to just veterans after Joanne was accosted during an event and then bad mouthed about online. There is even a crazed fan on Twitter who moved to New York to be near him who then went on to post his address online, and they have 20k followers!

It’s frightening to think that he and his wife have to live with that level of fear.

So from now on, I consider myself a ‘super fan’ and not a stalker.
I would never dream of terrorising someone in that way, and now that the Skywalker trilogy is coming to an end, I hope things settle down a little for him and his family.

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