General diary entries


I can’t believe it’s been almost a week already.

Last Thursday saw the last of our breaks away for a few days this year.
We got our middle daughter, Marjorie, tickets to see Russell Howard for Xmas last year. That show wasn’t until 3rd October this year!

My Brother and Sister in Law also wanted to take me out to celebrate my 50th birthday, and they wanted to take me to the place they got engaged, the Hawksmoor restaurant in Covent Garden.

So, we made an early start on the Thursday 3rd and drove down to Stanmore where we parked the car up for a few days and caught the underground to Wembley Park.

We arrived at the hotel before 9am and got them to stash our luggage away until we could check in later in the day.

We then headed into the city to do some shopping.
Marjorie had money to spend and wanted to go to the Primark and Disney stores in Oxford Street.

We then headed back over to the hotel in Wembley. The Premier Inn, right by the stadium, the SSE Arena, and a designer shopping and food outlet. Lovely hotel, friendly, efficient, clean and all that you need for a few nights in London.

We then headed into the shopping centre and had dinner at Zizzi’s before heading over to the SSE Arena and having one of the best laughs we’ve had for ages. Russell Howard was really on his game and we literally laughed our asses off for two whole hours. The Respite show was amazing and I really hope it comes out on DVD.

To say that Marjorie was a little excited is an understatement. I wanted to get a video of the Arena filling up. Watch this to the end.

Friday was spent doing more shopping with Marjorie in Camden before heading back into town and having dinner at my favourite cinema, the Picturehouse Central before making sure that Marjorie got on a train back to Bedford on her own.

Me an Ian were staying until Sunday because we were going out to dinner on Saturday with my Brother, sister in law Louise and my parents.

My Brother wanted to take me to the restaurant where he proposed to Louise. It was lovely!! I tried a cocktail called ‘French House’ which was incredible and was just like drinking sherbert! Deadly.
The food was amazing and the steak was to die for.

We slept in on Sunday before checking out and heading home.
London is tough on the body.
The streets are uneven, there’s countless steps to navigate.
Over the time we were there we walked about 40km!
After a full day at work and two days off, I’m only just recovering!
My muscles are so sore!

That said, I love London and would do it all again.
Roll on the next show, whatever that will be!

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