General diary entries


This year has been filled with little breaks in London.

The first was a Xmas present for My eldest daughter with tickets to see Pink at Wembley. Tickets that we scrounged the money together for with Nan and Grandad’s help. I went with her and we made it a short break together and had some fun.

The second was a few days away for me and hubby as we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.
25 years!! Not bad going these days.

We have one more break to London coming up at the beginning of October. The main reason is a Xmas present for our middle daughter who wanted to see Russell Howard, our favourite comedian, do one of his shows at the SSE arena in Wembley.
Again we are making a few days of it to really enjoy it.
This trip however, has now been extended for a day, for me an Ian anyway, as my brother and his wife and my parents decided they wanted to take me out to some place special for my up coming 50th birthday a little later in the month. They have decided on a rather lush looking restaurant in Covent Garden where my Brother proposed to his wife. It’s the day after we see Russell Howard, so it made sense to stay put for an extra night.

This HAS to be the end of our little trips away though.
We are coming to the end of our plan to try and clear some debt. When Ian hits 55 next year, we may have to dip into his pension to do it, but it has to be done. The only issue is it’s going to be around 7 months of really trying to keep our noses above water, so dipping onto the credit cards to make ends meet has GOT to stop.

It’s going to be a tough few months, especially with Xmas in the middle, but it will ultimately be worth it.
The thought of being completely debt free is overwhelming and will make the difficult months ahead of us totally worth it!

So, our time outs together will go back to consisting of the use of our Cineworld cards and we may be living on beans and toast for a while!
But it will be worth it.

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