General diary entries


Right, chores done, time for fun.

After a good think and a chat with the hubster, I have decided to upgrade my account. So now I have unlimited storage!!
I’ve been careful about uploading videos recently because they take up a lot of space and I’ve even actively removed some, but now I don’t have to worry.

It’s a good setup for next year when I plan to blog a lot more.
Now that I’m done with University and my life is back to some normality, I want to start fresh.
I just need to get the rest of this year out of the way.

25 years of marriage has just gone by.
My 50th birthday is looming (sssshhhh keep it quiet)
We have a trip to see Russell Howard at the beginning of October and another trip to see our friends the CC Smugglers in concert at the beginning of November.
Of course, Xmas is on the horizon.
Apart from all that, we are now into 7 months of keeping our heads above water before our ultimate plan is executed around March time when our five year plan comes to fruition and all credit cards and loans will be gone!!
The last 7 months are going to be the toughest as bill funds are exceptionally low, particularly after recent events. We literally just need to hang in there until then. The good news is, that if all goes to plan we will actually have disposable funds every month from then on! What a novelty!

So! I have a few hours before I need to get dinner ready so I’m going to have a play.

I’m going to start a playlist for my 50th birthday party.
I’m having a jam night at our local music venue and all of my daughters talented musical friends have been invited to come along and have some fun.
In between the jamming, there will be some music played and that’s what i’m going to have a crack at today.

I’m also going to have a look at the way my blog site looks.
Maybe change it’s theme.
Watch this space.

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