General diary entries


So today is the last day of my annual leave.
Time to get back to work and back to brushing up on my learning.
Today is a clear up day.
Not only do I have a bit of housework to take care of but I have also just realised that after 9 years of blogging on WordPress, I have run out of storage space for photos and videos!!

I may just cry!!

I have some decisions to make today.
The first one being……

Do I delete a ton of photos and videos and old posts to make way for new ones or do I bite the bullet and upgrade my account to unlimited storage.
The only problem with this is I will be doubling what I already pay each year right at a time when I need to be reducing my spending!!

I’ve just gone back and had a look at those old posts and photos and to be honest, I really don’t want to lose them.
They may be old and outdated but they are ‘me’!
It’s nine years of my life, my interests, my days out and holidays, my rants, my movies, my men and of course, my family.

The second one being……

Annual leave is over, I really have to get back on my diet but I need to consciously make the decision.
I am just about there. In the last couple of weeks I have eaten too much, drunk WAAYYY too much and I have noticed my clothes getting a little tighter and I am becoming very conscious of it.
So this decision is kind of already made.
Today will be my last day to enjoy whatever I want.
Tomorrow is a clean slate and time to start getting healthy again.

Now I just have to stop procrastinating and actually get going!

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