General diary entries


I love London.


After a few days in London you need a holiday to recover.
Walking around London is hard on the body.
In the last few days I found out just how out of shape I am.

We arrived at our hotel on Monday at midday and returned home midday on Friday.
In that time My health app clocked me doing 80,593 steps, which is equivalent to 58.45 Kilometers or 35.69 miles!

But London streets are hard!…. and a bit cobbley at times.

I’m sat here at my computer, catching up with everything, and I am exhausted and my muscles are sore.

Anyway, we didn’t want to waste any time, so after checking into our hotel and unpacking, we headed over to Camden for the afternoon and ended the day wandering along the Thames and taking in the sun and a few drinks.

Tuesday was our 25th anniversary and we spent it taking a boat down to Greenwich. We wandered around the Cutty Sark, took a stroll up to the observatory and then came down to the Maritime Museum. They were setting up to film something in the grounds of the Maritime Museum but we’re not sure what for. We took a stroll underneath the Thames before heading back into London via boat and ending the day at Wagamamas along the banks of the Thames.

Wednesday was a general stroll around London, getting our barings for our Ghost Bus trip that evening and checking out where we were to meet Ian’s cousin for dinner on Thursday evening in Covent Garden. The only time we encountered rain this week was here and we were inside the market in Covent Garden at the time and we had an obligatory drink in my favourite cinema, The Picturehouse Central, with fond memories of my encounter with Adam Driver!

Thursday we had a quiet morning and stayed around Wembley.
The amount of re-development going on around Wembley at the moment is insane! We can’t wait to see the end results in a few years time.
We went to Cineworld to see The Lion King before having an afternoon nap and then heading over to Brewdog in Covent Garden to meet up with Ian’s cousin Debi and her partner Greg for dinner.
Our quick 7 stop journery from Wembley Park turned into a 14 stop journey with a bus ride to start, when we were turned away from Wembley Park because of Trespassers on the line and we had to re-route with the evening commuters onto a bus to Wembley Central.
We left our Hotel at 16:45 and should have been in Covent Garden before 18:00 with a bit of browsing time around Covent Garden before meeting Debi and Greg at 19:00.
We eventually arrived at the Brewdog at 18:50!!
Anyway, despite that, it was a lovely final evening in London.

Friday was a lay in, pack up and have breakfast at Franky and Benny’s before heading home and now we’re both paying for it.
The pavements are hard on the old bones and muscles in London.
I can barely move today.

But it was a lovely break.
I just need a holiday now to recover!

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