General diary entries


So, after a really stressful day yesterday, we ended it on a high note.

There was an Unlimited Secret Screener on at the cinema that we’d got tickets for weeks ago. We nearly forgot about it!

I wasn’t really in the mood for it.
Ian wasn’t particularly in the mood for it.
We thought it might have been ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ which neither of us are particularly wanting to see and vowed to leave the cinema and go for a pint at the pub if it turned out to be that.

The film turned out to be ‘Crawl’ which is due for release here in the UK on 23rd August.

You’ve been warned.

Crawl Movie Poster

Now I like a good animal attack film occasionally and this one wasn’t too bad.

The story in a nutshell is a young girl goes to find her father during a category five hurricane. They both end up trapped in the crawl space under their house being hunted by alligators.

There are a few good ‘jump right out of your seat’ moments but in the end, the actual attacks are a bit flat and to be honest, a little too much.
The amount of attacks and injuries sustained by both girl and Dad and still survive are just too much.

The fact is, you don’t come out of a death roll with a 12 foot alligator with nothing but a few puncture wounds on your shoulder. You’d be lucky to survive a death roll full stop!

Anyway, it was entertaining enough to stay to the end. I can safely say we won’t go and see it again. Might buy it on DVD when the original price goes down a bit.

Anyway, after yesterday’s ordeal with the bank and Paypal, I am determined to put my feet up today.
I have two 12.5 hour shifts ahead of me and then I have 12 days off!!
I can’t wait.

I have just started watching the new Prime original series ‘The Boys’ with one of my favourite actors, Karl Urban. So far, so good. Will review later. I will continue to watch that later, but first I am going to watch ‘A Star is Born’.

I still haven’t seen it and people keep telling me I should.
I have been put right off seeing it because of that bloody song, Shallow.
Before the film aired, after the film aired, during the Oscars, every talk show, EVERY TIME I TURNED THE BLOODY RADIO ON!!… there it was.
I was sick to death of it and it put me right off.

Now all that hype has died down, I am intrigued and want to see what all the fuss was about.

So watch this space.
I will give it a little review later.

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