General diary entries


So that’s it then… 2 weeks of annual leave gone.
Back to work on Tuesday.

It’s been a fab couple of weeks with a trip to London with daughter number one where we took in the sights and went to see P!nk at Wembley, followed by lots of relaxing, several cinema trips, a fabulous lazy Friday afternoon in the sun with a BBQ and good friends, and it’s all been topped off by having an amazing time celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday at a Jam night at our local music venue last night until the early hours, and a Beatles Jam at the same venue this evening.

I feel totally privileged to be a part of Murron’s musical world and all the amazing friends she has because of it. If my 50th Jam is half as good as Carlos’ 30th Jam, I’ll be very lucky.

So now there is only one more day left to get the house in order and ready for an inspection on Friday.

On the bright side, I only have 14 shifts and a training day over the next four weeks until I have another 12 days of annual leave. I’m hoping the good weather lasts as I am going back to London for a few days with the husband to celebrate our 25th anniversary.

So right now, I’m finishing a cold beer and catching up on season 2 of Stranger things because I’ve been told to before watching season 3 because it is apparently so good!

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