General diary entries


It’s been a long couple of weeks with Ian recovering from surgery and the usual work and family stuff.

On the whole, it’s been a good couple of weeks.
Ian has recovered remarkably quickly. The wound on his neck has healed amazingly fast and if you weren’t already in the know, you wouldn’t think he’d even had surgery…..


His left arm is still very numb and is giving him some pain. He’s mobile but he is definitely favouring his left arm and I think this has set him back a bit mentally. I’m going to have to keep on top of this and push him to do things, like I did yesterday when I gave him a little push to get him to go to Tesco with me for a little shop. He didn’t ‘need’ to go but it got him out of the house for a bit and moving.
With that said, he has been making himself get up and do things around the house and he is now working on some of his model painting at the dining table instead of sitting at an awkward angle in bed reading. There’s a way to go yet but I think he’s going in the right direction.

The house is quiet at the moment. My middle daughter, Marjorie, is on a work training course in London. I haven’t seen her since Saturday evening because I was at work before she got up on Sunday and had left before I got home. We’ve had a couple of quick texts to say she’s still alive and another to say she’d just eaten… and I quote… ‘a well nice baked potato!!’.
I forget that she’s 19, going on 20 and that she is more than capable of spending a few days in London with work colleagues.
I do get a little bit worried when I discover a bottle of gin and a few cans of Monster going with her when helping her to pack!!

Anyway, the house is only going to get even more quiet this evening as Murron, my eldest, leaves to spend the evening with a friend before heading off to the Download festival for 5 days!

She’s had her hair braided so she doesn’t have to worry about it and she’s really excited.
I have to chuckle. The weather is abysmal at the moment. It’s going to be her first ‘wet’ festival. I dread to think what state she will be coming home in.

The weather is becoming a concern though. I have two weeks of annual leave planned from the 24th June to the 7th July.
In that two weeks I ‘MUST’ get my back garden back under control before jungle animals start to make themselves comfortable….. that said…. there are some really pretty weeds out there at the moment.

Even more worrying though, is that me and Murron are going to London for 4 days on the 27th because we are seeing Pink in concert on the 29th.
I wanted to spend a few days just wondering around London and going to places like Camden and Borough Market and wandering up and down the banks of the Thames soaking up the sun and stopping off at pubs and bars and checking out the arts festival down by Southbank.
At the minute…. it’s not looking great for the weather….. so keep everything crossed for me.

Work is probably the ‘only’ thing going to plan at the moment.
I finally got my NMC pin. I’m now in my official Nurse Associate uniform and doing what I’ve been studying for the last two years. There’s still a LOT to learn on the job but that just makes it more interesting. With that said, I do look forward to my days off. It’s a catch 22.

Right, back to today. I think I’m done with the computer for the day. I done some chores and I’ve read a little more of My book (I’ll blog about that one later).

Think it’s wine time and movie time.

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