General diary entries


I’m so tired.
The last three days have finally caught up with me.
A 12.5 hour shift.
A trip to London which meant getting home after midnight.
A 12.5 hour shift. I could barely keep my eyes open at the end of this shift.

Today was supposed to be surgery day for Ian.
Surprise, surprise, it’s been cancelled.

Ian is understandably annoyed and upset because he now has to wait another 2 weeks. (But at least it’s only 2 weeks)
I’m annoyed because I used a day of annual leave to accommodate this to tie in with a free weekend so I could be around for a couple of days post surgery.

Anyway, the silver lining is that at least I can sleep now.
I see my afternoon on the sofa with my feet up.
Ian wants to ‘do’ something, like a cinema trip or a meal out, but I think an afternoon nap followed by a home movie and a take out is a better option.

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