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As regular readers will know, my husband, Ian, has had a real issue with bulging disks in his neck for over a year giving him lots of pain and numbness in his arms and back. He can’t do much when it comes to exercise and driving for more than 20 or 30 minutes at a time virtually cripples him for days. He has relied on the help of a work colleague to get him too and from work for almost the last year.

Ian is ‘finally’ getting surgery next week. Pretty big one too as they will be getting to the disks in his neck from the front! The aim will be to remove the offending disks, relieving the pressure on his nerves, and replacing them with a mesh. Amazingly, they expect him to be released the next day!

Anyway, it occurred to us that our old mattress, that has had two fatties using it for the last six years and is beginning to collapse, is probably not the best thing for Ian to be recovering on. So we made a decision to replace it.

We have been intrigued by these memory foam bed in a box deals that always look so comfy and decided to take the plunge. Today, our Rem-Fit 500 mattress and two pillows arrived….. in a very compact box! Unpacking it was fun and popping the rapping and listening to it breath and inflate was amazing.

After leaving it for a few hours to breath, we have now come to bed early to watch a few films and, I have to admit, so far it’s a bit of a dream! It seems to be exceptionally comfortable. The rest of the night will tell. I’ll post updates to let you know how it goes.

We have 100 nights to make our minds up and if we decide we don’t like it, we get a full refund and the mattress will be taken away by The British Heart Foundation. The only problem with that is that we will then be on the hunt for a quick replacement.

Looking forward to a lay in!!

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