General diary entries


It is now 06:30 on Saturday morning. It should have been a work day.
I would normally be sat at my computer at this time enjoying a cup of milky coffee and having a look through all the overnight posts on Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook before heading out to work at 07:00.

Today, I’m still doing that, except I won’t be heading out to work at 07:00 as I’ve been awake for a few hours with a bad tummy.
Completely out of the blue.
I’m not actually feeling ill….. yet, which is the odd part and which I’m hoping won’t change, but the tummy is bubbling away quite nicely.

This means that going into work for at least the next 48 hours is not happening and I had to make the dreaded call into work to tell them the bad news….. I hate doing it. I know what a knock on effect it has on the day at work and that IS making me feel bad.

So, while I’m still feeling OK, I’d better get some work done at home instead.
There’s no excuse.

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