General diary entries


I woke up with all good intentions today.
I am still sat at my computer at 13:00 and I’m actually dressed in my scruffs for gardening.

The problem is…… I just don’t want to!

I spent all day yesterday helping the kids to valet both the cars and today was supposed to be a start on the gardening after the winter, but I’m working the next two days, 12.5 hour shifts, and I really can’t be arsed!

I am however, getting on top of some washing.
Other than that, I’m quite happy with a bottle of Bud, Versailles is playing in the background for it’s 5th run of the series, and I’m quite happy just wasting time and chillin’ on the computer.

The problem is…… the garden is desperately in need of some work.
I have neglected it over the last two years because of my University work, and the grass hasn’t seen a mower since Sept last year!
It’s beginning to look a bit like a jungle.
There are weeds sprouting through the paving slabs. The grass will be up to my knees before long, and the borders are just weeds.

I know that when I actually start to get stuck into it, I will get it done.
Today is not that day however.

I’m in the mood for a Dish of the Week update, but I am at a loss for who to do at the moment…….. however, I may have just had an epiphony, so watch this space.

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