General diary entries


There you have it.
2 years of stress being launched into the air!

Am I sorry I did it?

Would I do it again?

Now I just want to get on with the work.
I still have loads to learn on the job. It doesn’t just stop now that I have my qualification. This is children’s medicine we’re talking about and I still have a ton of learning to do.

No, the stressful part is over.
Uni is finished and I will never ever do it again.

People ask me if I would ever go for the full qualification and a band 5.
The simple answer is NOOOOOO!!!!!
I’m quite happy at the level I am now at.

Considering that when I started this job nearly 11 years ago, I had no qualification for it at all, I don’t think I’ve done too bad.
A level 3 Health and Social Care qualification and now a Foundation Degree.

Actually pretty chuffed with myself!!

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