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So it was D day at Addenbrookes for Ian today and the saga of the impinged nerve, countless physio visits, countless pain clinic visits and a botched procedure done without looking at an up to date MRI scan.
Quote from the ‘specialist’ doing the procedure…..
“The only reason this won’t work is if there is impingement on the nerve”

Well we got a fresh MRI this morning and saw the Neuro surgeon this afternoon. He showed us the MRI. Ran through it and showed us exactly where the problem was. I’m no specialist but it was bloody obvious when he reached the problem point! The nerve was squashed into such a small space, it’s not a wonder Ian is in constant pain and his arm goes numb!! So there is definite impingement and the botched procedure should never have taken place. Ian should have been referred straight to a Neuro Surgeon. This could have been sorted months ago!

The outcome…. Ian is going to have Anterior Cervical Decompression of the C5 to C6 and C6 to C7 vertebrae.

This will only mean a one night stay in hospital and he should be recovered enough to start driving again in just a couple of weeks!!
After a year of getting nowhere, we now have light at the end of the tunnel.

Just waiting on a date now!!

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