General diary entries


I’ve come to the conclusion that giving me time off, particularly after being starved of any real time off over the last two years, is really not a good idea.

I have a very obsessive nature, particularly with actors, and as you can tell from my last few posts, I have become a tad obsessed with Alexander Vlahos. (Adam Driver can never be replaced!!! BUT……)

I have binge watched Versailles 3 times and can’t resist going back to the beginning and starting again.
I have watched all of series 5 of Merlin.
I had then thought I was fairly safe as the only other things he’s really done so far are old daytime type TV series like Doctors and the Indian Doctor, voiced a cartoon and guested in others shows. I’m really not going to watch an entire series of something just to catch sight of an actor for a few seconds. I haven’t even done that with Adam!!

Anyway, I was having a little look at his IMDB profile this morning to see if there was anything else I could possibly see him in and one thing stood out.

A BBC mini series from 2013 called ‘Privates’.
Baby faced Alexander plays Private Keenan in the 5 part mini series telling the story of the last intake of conscripts for National Service in 1960 and follows eight young men who undertake basic training at a camp in Yorkshire, as the end of an era of deference meets the world of rock n’ roll.

I Youtubed it to see what it would be like and it has peaked my interest.
It reminded me somewhat of an old series called ‘Soldier, Soldier’ which I absolutely loved.

So! I couldn’t help myself. I found it being sold on Amazon on DVD. Hopefully it will be here for the weekend.
Can’t wait!!

Right! Got a few hours before we go out for dinner, just enough time for some Versailles!!

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