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OK, this post is another shout out for The CC Smugglers.

I know I don’t get a lot of traffic on my blog but every little helps.
I’ve posted recently about this local band. That post can be read HERE.

Quite simply, this band have been handed a HUGE spanner in the works by a company called ‘Pledgemusic’.
This company was being used to promote the band and sell merchandise to raise money to fund and release their first official album.
That album is being released on the 29th of this month!!

Click on my current mood on the right of this page to listen to Baker Street 205!! Currently my favourite track.


Pledgemusic have run into financial trouble and have left the Smugglers high and dry. They cannot get hold of their money.
All the Album pre-sales, concert tickets, everything purchased through Pledgemusic has been lost and the band have taken a HUGE financial risk by taking out a loan and honoring all those sales. If you go to their Youtube site, you can watch videos explaining the whole thing.

They have set up an independent website to start all over again and so far it looks like it’s going really well. Their fans have stepped up to the plate and backed them all over again, 100%

All I’m asking is that you check them out and catch the bug! Pass this on to anyone who may be interested in them. They deserve more recognition and notoriety, even though it means I will probably see less of them locally.
They are an awesome band and one that I would HIGHLY recommend seeing live. Their live performances are AMAZING! and I can’t wait to see them at their album launch party next weekend.

Click on the following links and show your love.

Youtube –
Facebook –
Instagram –
Twitter –
Main website –

I’ll just leave a few of my own videos and photos here to tickle your interest.

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