General diary entries


Just two more Long Days (23 hours total) before I have 9 days off!
I really need it too!

Not having to worry about the alarm going off in the morning.
Not worrying about actually having to go to sleep at a ‘sensible time’.

The only firm plans during the week are a trip to Addenbrookes with Ian, for MRI results and a plan of action (watch this space), a bit of pampering for me (hair cut, eyebrows shaped), a dinner out with the kids, at least one trip to the cinema to see Shazam a week early (probably squeeze in a few more trips), and a trip to Chesham on the 30th to see CC Smugglers at their album launch party and the opening gig to their album tour.

Mainly a relaxing week, but I do need to re-seal the shower base as we currently have Niagra falls in the kitchen.

Right, better get to work.

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