General diary entries


So I had a good 4 hour nap in preparation for watching the Oscars tonight.
I am wide awake and ready to go.
I found Sky One airing the show at midnight tonight about a week ago and set my Virgin box to record it just in case I didn’t, or couldn’t stay up.


I’ve just checked my recording settings. All is good. It quite clearly states coverage of the Oscars today at midnight on Sky One and that it will record, BUT…. when I go to Sky One, it says it’s showing Brit Cops: Rapid Response!!


I have no idea what my virgin box thinks it’s recording.
I’ve had to set it to record the results tomorrow morning and highlights tomorrow night.
I now have an hour to wait to find out if I’ll actually get to see them tonight.

So annoying.
I’m going to be up half the night now regardless.
It’s going to be a long night.

Categories: General diary entries

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