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A few weeks ago I wrote about my hopes for the BAFTAs. (HERE)

So how did my predictions go?

Well, out of the 5 nominations that BlacKkKlansman had, they got 1 for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Adam did not win Best Supporting Actor. The Title went to Marhershala Ali who also won the title at the Golden Globes. This does not bode well for Adam at the Oscars!! (I’m not bitter…honest)

As I predicted, Rami Malek won Best Actor for his portrayal of Freddie Mercury. He is surely going to be getting the Oscar.

I also predicted that Letitia Wright would win the EE Rising Star award. How could she not. It’s voted for by the public and the public love Black Panther. It was a no brainer.

The Favourite was a big winner for the evening but I have still to see it and Roma was another big star of the evening. Winning Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Film Not in the English Language.

I’m struggling with that one a little. I have seen the film and although I can see that it is beautifully filmed and fully deserving of the Cinematography award, I cannot see how it won Best film! Green Book and BlacKkKlansman were so much better and much more entertaining. I found Roma to be an absolute snorefest!

My only saving grace now is that Mahershala Ali already won an Oscar 2 years ago for Moonlight and the Academy rarely gives another Oscar so quickly and so close so there is still a chance Adam could claim it.
Then again, I could be just grabbing at straws.

Anyway, this is making me late for work!!
Got to go.

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