Film Reviews


Deep breath.
I finally did it.
I actually got to see ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’.

……..and I wasn’t disappointed!!

After all the problems this film has gone through in the last year (well 25 years really) but particularly in the last year, I was really beginning to think I would never get to see this film.

After a small heart attack when I realised this was a German release of the Bluray, and that everything on the cover and all of the menu titles were written in German and when the film was played it was DUBBED in german!!….. I calmed down, went through all the settings and realised I could actually play it in the original English format. Any subtitles that came up, came up in both German and English.

So I settled myself down and watched it.

What can I say?
It is your ‘typical’ Terry Gilliam film.
Crazy, quirky, fanciful, amusing, stunning and beautifully filmed with some amazing imagery.
Johnathan Pryce is superb as Don Quixote but Adam Driver is out of this world as Toby!!

For anyone who says that Adam can’t be a leading, romantic interest, think again!
He starts the film as a bit of an arsehole but goes through a full range of emotions from confusion, surprise, anger, love and mental breakdown, and he does it all seamlessly.
The scene where he dances with Angelica in period costume sent shivers up my spine.

I think this little video from Cannes last year sums things up quite nicely, but even here, Adam has a dig at himself when he says ‘It’s also good to have that beautiful landscape because when our acting is really bad you can just look at the mountains!!’.

Believe me when I say, there is no bad acting in this film!

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