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We actually came away from Addenbrookes yesterday in a fairly hopeful mood.

The consultation with the Neuro Surgeon didn’t start off great as we realised the MRI from 2017, that the pain consultant was working from, was completely missing and there was still no sign of the 2018 MRI at all.

Anyway, looking at an MRI from 2015, this surgeon couldn’t understand why Ian hadn’t been referred to him 3 years ago!

I’ll tell you why…
Because beaurocracy insists that people get bounced around between MSK, physio and pain clinics for three years before anyone holds their hands up and admits defeat!! In the meantime, the patient has to live in excruciating pain and put their lives on hold, and all to try and save money, when the reality is that the clinic appointments, medications and joint injections my husband has been subject to over the last three years has probably cost a hell of a lot more in time and man hours in the long run.

Anyway, I didn’t start this blog to have a rant.
No, this surgeon has decided that an up to date MRI is needed and he is not just doing Ian’s neck, he doing the whole back as well. He’s giving Ian a full MOT to hopefully nip any other potential problems in the bud.
It will mean coming back to get it done but Ian will be seen by the surgeon again on the SAME day.
The surgeon has also pre-empted any surgery and put Ian on the waiting list.
We came away from the appointment with a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

So now it’s just another waiting game.

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