General diary entries


So here it is. After a few really shitty years where the bad memories have seriously outweighed the good memories, I am determined to make 2019 different.

There’s a lot to look forward to this year.
Over the next couple of months I will know if I have qualified as a Nurse Associate. That means, no more essays, no more presentations, no more exams, no more travelling to Luton and no more placements!
I still haven’t officially been offered my Band 4 job, but it’s looking good.
Then the real work starts!!

In August, we will be celebrating 25 years of marriage. I still can’t believe it’s been that long.

In October, I will be reaching a personal milestone as I hit 50. Can’t say I’m looking forward to it as such. In my head I still feel like a teenager but my body certainly has other ideas.

The gigs will continue this year.
They have really become a thing over the last couple of years and I’ve really enjoyed them.
So far I have CC Smugglers lined up for March and Pink lined up for June.
CC Smugglers are a firm favourite and I will continue to go see them at every opportunity.
Pink is going to be a spectacle. I love a bit of Pink, and Murron absolutely idolises her, so a three day trip to London with a Pink concert in the middle is going to get a bit messy!
Whenever possible, and when funds allow, I will keep attending Esquires and local pubs to support our local musicians.

In October, I will be taking Marjorie to see Russell Howard.
I went to see him a couple of years ago with Ian when we applied for freebie tickets to watch him filming for his TV show. Really can’t wait to see him doing one of his actual stage shows.

Health wise, I really have to lose some serious weight this year.
I need to take the pressure off of my damned knee which is really feeling the strain just recently. I also, don’t want to be a fat frump when I hit 50!

I am aiming to reach between 8000 and 10000 steps each day.
When I’m at work, I usually crash through 10000, so my days off are going to have a to be a bit more active. I need to take time out to actually go for a walk instead of vegetating in front of this computer.
Although having said that, I haven’t even reached 2000 today. After two really tough 12.5 hour shifts on new years eve and new years day, I was just so sore and tired that all I could manage was a few chores and a trip to the cinema to see Aquaman (which turned out to be a real disappointment).
But that just goes to show how out of shape I am!! It’s got to change.

We are now, so close to some future financial plans that I daren’t breath in case something goes wrong.
All I want is to get through 2019 with no problems and then life will take a big turn in 2020.

So watch this space.
I will blog it all.
I will continue with my Dish of the Weeks, that I haven’t posted since May 18!
I will also start adding to my Dishette of the Weeks, or better yet… I’ll combine them.

Without Uni work to worry about, I can finally get back to some serious blogging.
I did try during awards season last year but my blogs just ended up all over the place. I have no concentration.
I have everything crossed for Adam again this year and early indications are that BlacKkKlansman could be making some waves but I don’t want to predict anything just yet.

The only thing potentially standing in the way of a relaxed year, is Ian’s current state of health. He finally has a follow up at Addenbrookes tomorrow after the joint injections he had a couple of months ago and that have clearly not worked. In fact the 4 hour wait he had in the waiting room prior to the procedure has probably done more damage to his back. It hasn’t been right ever since.

Anyway, time to call it a night as I have another long day to do tomorrow but then I have three days off. Unfortunately I will be going through the last of my Uni paperwork checking for missed signatures and generally getting ready for my final interview with my mentor on the 12th. The last of the Xmas goodies and drink will be called for and then the diet and exercise will have to kick in on Monday.

Lets get this year underway!!

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