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So the countdown has started.
Monday the 17th December, 2018, see’s the implementation of new rules and regulations by Tumblr.

As I briefly mentioned in a blog a few days ago, HERE, Tumblr announced that it will permanently ban adult content from it’s platform on December 17th. A blanket ban on ‘adult content’, regardless of what it is with just a few exceptions.

Like I said in that blog, “they seem to think that everyone who enjoys a bit of ‘adult content’ is automatically looking for ‘porn’ and this is simply not the case”.

The exceptions include nude classical statues and political protests that feature nudity. It’s interesting that Illustrations and art that feature nudity are still okay — so long as sex acts aren’t depicted — and so are breastfeeding and after-birth photos. If this is the case, why are artistic photos of the human form being  flagged? 

Several people I follow on Tumblr are photographic artists who specialise in the nude human form. Beautiful work that is now being flagged and will not be visible to the public from 17th and, in some cases, the blog itself will be deleted.
One of the photographers has written a wonderful little article about how he feels about this kind of censorship.

Michael Stokes starts the article with the following paragraph….
“Part of my morning routine is to wake up the computer, have coffee, and see if Instagram or Facebook have removed any of my photos or, worse yet, deleted my account. Social media sites are important because not only are they my main source of exposure to income, they are my calling card for the models who pose for me. As a photographer who specializes in the male form, I shoot still images of men in various state of undress, everything from shirtless to full frontal nudity. I’m also known for photographing wounded, amputee veterans in the nude, work that has been the subject of about a dozen doctoral theses and published in various academic journals, with themes from changing perceptions of the handicapped to an analysis of masculinity in America as it relates to war.”

You can read the full article HERE

Michael’s work is stunning! And in my eyes, is no different to the classical statues and paintings that Tumblr has made an exception for, and here we have a prime example of the problem.

The image on the left is a ‘classical statue’ and, can I just point out, is completely nude. This image, by Tumblr’s new rules, will still be allowed on the site.
However, the image on the right is a photo by Michael Stokes, a photo in which the model is wearing shorts and the model wouldn’t be out of place strolling on a beach. This photo is one that has already been flagged as inappropriate.

Again, classical statue on the left will be allowed, the stunning photo by Michael Stokes on the right will be flagged and banned. I don’t see the difference!!

Like I said in my previous blog, “Tumblr has always been a safe space for people and minorities to find like minded people to share content with regardless of what that content is”.

And as Michael says in his article “This is not exclusively a LGBTQ+ issue, it applies to all minority voices faced with further marginalization. Not everyone wants to live in a strictly homogonous society defined by a social media giant. Facebook is a monopoly and Verizon acquiring and sanitizing Tumblr is just another example of a large corporation manipulating social media to serve its own purposes”. 

So, I will continue to follow these people on Tumblr to see what happens.
I suspect the site will become extremely boring at best, or die completely at worst. How fast that will happen is anyone’s guess. So for now, I’ll continue to add wonderful images to my blogs, although my blogs also get automatically posted to my Tumblr site, so it will be interesting to see if I get any flags!

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