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So it finally happened last night.
After nearly 4 years, I finally got to see Hozier, live at the Birmingham O2 Academy.

Gone are our days of driving for hours, seeing a show and then driving home again, so we pre-booked a hotel. We couldn’t have got much closer if we tried!!

We arrived around lunch time, got settled into our hotel room and went to check out the venue before heading into town for something to eat.
We haven’t been to Birmingham for years and were really surprised at the changes and the modernisation that’s going on.
Not far from the hotel, we found the ‘Mailbox’ area around the canals and it was absolutely wonderful.
Absolutely loads of restaurants and bars and entertainment, and because of the time of year, everything is decorated and sparkling for Xmas.
We are definitely going to be returning at some point to check it all out a little more thoroughly. Looks like there’s loads of places that will be heaving in the summer with lots of outdoor spaces to chill and relax.

Anyway, back to the main event.
What can I say?
I’ve waited almost four years to see this guy live and I wasn’t disappointed.

The venue was cosy, with 3000 standing capacity on the ground floor but as Ian is unable to stand comfortably for any length of time, I got Balcony unreserved seats. Finding seats was first come first served. We didn’t do too badly, it was a little snug but at least we were sitting and we had a great view.

The music was incredible. Not that I ever doubted it wouldn’t be!!
The man just oozes talent. I think I counted him playing at least 6 different guitars throughout the show, and then I was introduced to his dry humour side for the first time, as he introduced various songs and what inspired him to write them.

I’ll let the following videos speak for themselves. It’s not the full songs but they give you a feeling of just how good he really is. With apologies for the size on screen. WordPress has made some changes and I can’t figure out how to reduce the size…..yet!!

Take Me To Church. An audience favourite.
Movement. Stunning lighting.
Cherry Wine. Beautiful.
Work Song. Blissful end to a perfect night.

So that’s it. A wonderful end to my annual leave.
Christmas is just about sorted. I only have date sensitive foods to think about now before the big day.
It’s back to work with a big bump tomorrow. I’m on placement on the delivery suite!!
Absolutely terrified. My stomach is already in knots thinking about it.
Don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep tomorrow. 

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